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Title Policies Procedures
Operational Policy and Procedure Process
Concerns and Resolutions
Student Record
Digital Citizenship and Technology in Schools
Social Media and Digital Messaging
Signing Authority
Playgrounds and Playground Equipment
Boil Water Order
Facility Maintenance
School Cancellations
Student Transportation
Student Transfer Request
Student Travel
Race Relations, Cross Cultural Understanding and Human Rights in Learning
Service Dogs in Schools
Physical Restraint and Time-Out Rooms Used in Schools
Time-Out and Time-Out Rooms Used in Schools
Attendance and Engagement
Student Suspension
French Immersion
Student Investigations and Searches
Students Requiring Medical Assistance at School
Recruitment and Hiring
Diversity Management
Student Teaching
Employee Evaluation
Respectful Workplace
Employee Conflict of Interest
Political Activity Guideline
Tobacco and Smoke Free Environments
Nutrition in Schools
Occupational Health and Safety
Scented Products and Fragrances
Safe and Caring Learning Environments
Alcohol and Drugs (Under Review)
Employee Drug, Alcohol, and Medication
Volunteers in Schools
Community Use of Schools
Relations with Law Enforcement and Child Protection Authorities
Guidelines - School Evacuation Guides: