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This is a ‘Non-Emergency Reporting System’. It is monitored between the hours of 8am and 4pm on school days. Any reports submitted outside this time will be received during the next regularly scheduled school day. If this is an emergency, please call 911.

What happens to my report?

  • Your report will be received by the PSB.
  • Your report will be sent to the PSB and school staff who need to be involved to resolve the issue.

You can expect that someone will follow up with you if you provide your contact information.

Personal information on this form is collected under section 31(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act R.S.P.E.I. 1988, c.F-15-01 as it relates directly to and is necessary for the Report It! service. If you have any questions about this collection of personal information, you may contact the Public Schools Branch toll-free at 1-800-280-7965.

If you want to be contacted you will receive a response.

Provide your contact details below.

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